The place of the teenage ministry in DAMI cannot be undermined. It is a place of grooming youngsters to exploits in life. In Divine Appointment Ministry, the teenage ministry is well apportioned and built on ensuring the right doctrine is taught according to Gal. 4:1-2. The ministry is for those within the age bracket of 13-19 years of Age. They meet in church every Friday from 4pm for fellowship and rehearsals this is where their gifts and talents find expression, harnessed and developed. In DAMI, the ministry is not taken with levity because the picture of the future lies in how well their character is molded. Through the expository teachings of our pastor Rev Ben , they are being discovered, trained and inculcated with the required disciplines to maintain who they are, foster the power of focus, maximize their potentials, stop giants of life early and most all cross the iron gates of life.