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Idleness sounds like “I –DO-LESS”. If you work less, you worth less because your work is your worth. Don't be among those who have big language without big action. However big a vision is, it can never be said to be successful except you cautiously and actively work it out. A vision without an action will end in frustration. Also, however minor your assignment or position is in an establishment, handle that minor assignment with diligence like a major assignment. Do it as if that's the last opportunity you have to work. God, our father is a worker Genesis 2:2. from angel Gabriel. Despite the promise, even from an angel she still had to face threats, even danger of death. She must have wondered "how will I tell Joseph that I am pregnant". In the midst of all these, her confession was still positive"Jesus our savior worked till He was tired and fell asleep in transit, woke up and started working again Matthew 8:16, 23- 34, John 5:17;14:11 . The Holy Spirit works John 6:63 . So it will be an error for you, an offspring of God not to work. Work is a universally acceptable means of making money. Your body was designed in such a way that if it doesn't work, it grows weak and is liable to serious sickness. So, apart from the financial satisfaction that comes from work, your healthiness also depend on it.

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SETTLE ME O LORD is a yearly prophetic Conference visioned by Rev Ben Eragbai -The Jesus Soldier and powered by DIVINE APPOINTMENT MINISTRY INT'L. This yearly programmed is aimed at bringing deliverance, healing, marital fulfillment , prosperity, promotion etc to families, businesses, ministries, lives and nations especially Nigeria/Africa. Its a non-denominational service and no matter your denomination, God is is set to bring you to your place of dominion again. The Host remains Rev Ben Eragbai - The General Overseer Divine Appointment Ministry In'tl. The programme will be holding at DIVINE APPOINTMENT MINISTRY INT'L LAGOS NIGERIA. Come and take charge of your SECOND HALF of the year in PROSPERITY AND DOMINION. It is your season of GoodNews.
  • DATE: Wed. 20th - Sun. 23rd of July 2019
  • TIME: 6.00pm daily

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