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2015 Mega Grace Testimonies

PROPHETIC CANCELLED SATANIC ATTACK: I thank God for the victory God gave me during the 2015 Mega Grace Convention. I woke up in the morning of the first day of the convention with swollen legs such that i found it very difficult to even walk. I managed to be in the programme believing God for my healing. I was shocked when the man of God mentioned my case exactly as it happened as if I confided in him and in just two days after, the swollen leg bursted and dried up. I am free now. Glory to Jesus!!!!.  Bro Ben.


HEALED OF FREQUENT URINATION: For many years, I have been under the bondage frequent and excessive urination without control. To the extent that if I sleep for 8 hours in the night, I will go out in the night to urinate up to 8 times. During the convention programme, the man of God mentioned my case and behold that same night, I slept like a baby and woke up like an adult. I am healed from frequent urination. Is this God not Good? Praise The Lord! Bro Benjamin


EARLY MENOPAUSE TURNS TO MENOSTART: I am in my early thirties and for two months I suddenly discovered my monthly menstrual flow ceased. This thing bothered me and I didn't know what to do. In one of the days during the Mega Grace Convention, My pastor said ' someone is here with early menopause but tonight it has turned to menostart". I claimed it. As i got home that night and was sleeping,  I first felt something oozing out of my body and when I got up I discovered my menstral flow was all over me again. I thank the God of Divine Appointment. Halleluyah!!!! Sis Abosede


YOKE OF UNEMPLOYMENT EXPIRED: There is a job offer I have been believing God for a very longtime. During the Mega Grace Convention, My pastor decreed 24hrs goodnews on everybody and the next day , I received a phone call from the company asking to come and resume work with them immediately. I thank God for breaking the yoke of Joblessness in my life. Bro Ayo.