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School of Wisdom and Power


Divine Appointment Ministry's School of Wisdom and Power (SOWAP) is an interactive session prepared for every christian who want to be nurtured on the basic teachings of the scripture(1 Peter 2:2). This school serves as the entry point of members into the church. The basic foundational teachings of the bible like New life in Christ, Christian Maturity, Prayer and fasting,Evangelism, Giving, Water baptism , Holy Ghost baptism etc is expounded in dept to the students who attend this class.

The session is made up seven powerful topics which makes the period of the school eight weeks after which the students are prayed for and empowered to join any of the working group of the church.

In this school, the President  Rev Ben Eragbai, through the wisdom of God takes time to train the students, both the matured and the new babes in Christianity the basic truths of the scripture which is the word of God. He also takes time to expound the truth concerning some of the controversial doctrines thriving in the body of Christ today such as - should a lady wear trousers?, the mind of God concerning covering of hair, during services or in church etc These and more are questions being handled in this school. The students at the same are allowed to ask any question concerning the bible and Christianity at large. And since the inception of this school, there has been numerous testimonies from the students.

Therefore, if you have the desire to grow and be grounded in the word, the best place to enroll is no other place than our School of Wisdom and Power (SOWAP).

Qualification: Worship with us in any of our multiple life transforming services and you will have an automatic admission to this school.

Fees: The school is FREE. No school fees. it is free.