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Overview of the Cell ministry

Cell is the smallest unit of the body. In biology, Cell is the basic unit of life. It is the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals. Cell is the fundamental basic part of any growing ministry. In the human body, there are cells, which make growth possible. In the church, there are cells which make the growth of the church possible.

In Divine Appointment Ministry, the cell fellowship is founded in PRAYER hence it is called and referred to as PRAYER CELL FELLOWSHIP. In Divine Appointment ministry, the cell ministry is so unique such that everybody is important and everybody is a leader. In other words, the prayer cell fellowship is a mini church. For the church to be complete and active, we need an effective prayer cell programme.


The church is an institution established by God to help you fulfill your destiny on earth and enjoy eternity with God in heaven. Divine Appointment ministry Int’l is a church that has been specially established by God in this end time to bring full gospel to you. The facts in this chapter will help you understand more about the ministry as a whole and the Prayer Cell ministry as an integral part.

The Prayer Cell Fellowship is compulsory for every member of Divine Appointment Ministry. In fact your membership is not complete until you are consistently committed in a Cell fellowship.

The Ministry runs two types of Prayer Cell ministry for now: We have the normal fellowship that runs in the different centers weekly between the hours of 6pm to 6.55pm. Then the second is for professionals like offshore workers, bankers, doctors, marketers etc who are always so busy throughout the week and does not have time to attend the weekly meetings, so they meet through online chat (BBM) between the hours of 10pm-11pm on Saturdays. The General Overseer personally comes up with the topic for the outline and prayer points which is sent to everybody in the group for discussions and interactions.

The Prayer Cell Fellowship in Divine Appointment ministry int’l is part and parcel of the VISION, MISSION AND PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH. The prayer Cell fellowship is not a programme you participate only when you are free or opportuned but something you give your full participation in order to benefit from the blessings reserved for members.  See Heb 11:6 “……. for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

There are lots of wonderful benefits meant for members who have are committed in the prayer cell fellowship. The church has come up with the policy of ensuring that assistance will only be extended to those members who are fully committed in the prayer cell fellowship.  Make sure you are registered in a fellowship today. Some of the benefits amongst many include the following:

  • Pastor will be praying for you.
  • Committed and regular members will have first hand access to the General Overseer for counseling.
  • You will enjoy all the rights and privileges of being a member.
  • Free skill acquisition training
  • Rendering assistance in securing jobs etc
  • Letter of Recommendation when requested etc.

The Prayer Cell Fellowship is the live wire of the church. It is a forum where members are trained to become leaders. The revival we seek is now here; let’s therefore embrace this vision as if our destiny depends on it. Don’t forget; when God’s kingdom is making progress through you, there is no way your life can remain stagnant. For us to be able to achieve this vision, the prayer cell ministry must be given the needed attention it deserves. This end time revival can only be sustained when we commit ourselves evangelism. Don’t forget; there can’t be World or National revival without the grass root revival. Communities/streets cannot enjoy the benefits of this revival if the power of prayer is not brought closer to the people.