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School of Leadership/Mentoring

School of Leadership/Mentoring

When you don't know, you remain low. God took time to train Moses in the wilderness before he committed the destiny of the Israelites in his hands. It was through this training that he became successful in leading the Israelites out of Egypt then to the promise land.

The pathway to greatness starts with taking responsibility and leadership itself is responsibility. Leadership is developing a teachable spirit which is neither selfish nor self centered. It is the ability to let go the ideologies of your background and your past for God's own ideologies. If a man can learn to take responsibility then it is a matter of time, the sky will  become his starting point.

The Leadership Academy under the leadership of Dr. Ben Eragbai, the General Overseer of Divine Appointment Ministry Int'l is the training and discipleship arm of Divine Appointment Ministry Int'l . The vision is aimed at training a formidable work force/ leaders who are selfless and determined to move the work of God to the next level. In line with this vision, different structures were put in place to drive the vision home.

The leadership programme which is the first amongst many structures set up, first started in 2012 with a 3 day orientation programme to intimate the students on their expectations before the academy is set rolling. when we started, the lecture period was held every Friday evening from 8pm and Saturdays from 10am prompt for a period of twelve months after which the first set of Leaders were produced. After considering a lot of factors that will help the academy achieve its objectives, the lectures days was changed to every Sunday 3pm purposely to accommodate those who are busy during the week and unable to meet up with the lectures. And since that time, the academy has been admitting nothing less than 50 students every session for training and discipleship.

It is often said that an idle mind is the devil's workshop. In making these leaders productive and effective, the vision of the PRAYER CELL FELLOWSHIP was committed into their hands. The Prayer Cell fellowship is also the vision of Rev Ben Eragbai with close to 150 Prayer Cell Centers covering major cities in Lagos. The vision is based on Prayer, that is the reason why it is called Prayer cell Fellowship and mandatory for every member of the church. It is aimed at reaching the grass root in the community and at the same time closing the back door of the ministry. This has helped to solidify the numerical and spiritual base of the ministry. It is through the cell fellowship that information concerning the church and its activities is given to members. The meeting holds every Saturday 6.00pm – 6.55pm.

The leaders meet (3) three times every week with the pastorate to give their weekly reports and be taught. Meeting with the pastorate gives the Leaders opportunity to interact with the Pastor and be able to ask questions concerning the challenges they face in their respective Prayer Cell Centers.

 Finally, if you desire a place to be trained in other to reign in life, Divine Appointment Leadership Academy is the school to enroll. If you desire also a place to recharge your spiritual life, our weekly prayer cell Meetings is your best choice. Locate any one closest to you and get yourself committed and the God of Divine Appointment will locate you with a glorious appointment.